Vodafone Campus, Düsseldorf

Intelligent, reactive content

Digital InstallationI helped Prophet Brand Strategy win a pitch to create a concept for a permanent installation for the giant plasma displays built into the walls of Vodafone Germany's newly built headquarters in Düsseldorf - the Vodafone Campus.

Because the screens would be switched on 24 hours a day, all year round, I came up with the idea of using artificial intelligence to keep the content interesting and unpredictable.

Prophet won the pitch and I stayed on to lead the team creating the content as well as overseeing the creation of the technology that now schedules what is displayed on the screens.

The system reacts to the local weather, the time of day, the day of week, yearly events and local traffic amongst other things.

The central column of the tower had huge columns of screens built into the walls on the ground floor, first floor and top floor.

In order to get to grips with the task, I created a scale model of the ground floor of the building, a 3D model of the building in Cinema 4D and developed techniques to help us scale up video to enormous sizes.

We created content for the entrance area, hallways, LED screens in the lift waiting areas, a canteen, a top floor restaurant, a library and a technology area.